Lead Well

Having a leadership position doesn’t make you a leader.

  • Do you sometimes wonder if you are up to the task at hand?
  • Are you so busy building a life that you are not really living it?
  • Do you have employees that are disengaged, lacking in motivation or not getting along?
  • Is it time to grow your team?

In the Lead Well program, individuals and teams learn to intentionally pursue success and significance.

Be the right person

Get objective about your own strengths and struggles and learn to leverage those strengths for maximum impact. Identify any blind spots. Get clear on what matters to you and set goals accordingly.

Hire the right people

Learn to recognize and hire the talented people you need to achieve success. Strategize the best way to engage and keep the talented people you hire.

Develop the right team

Cultivate your team by creating individual and group awareness of strengths and struggles in an atmosphere of trust. Communicate effectively. Cast a clear vision. Deal with conflict constructively. Measure and celebrate results.