Launch Well

Great answers start with great questions…

  • So it’s normal to apply to 12 colleges, right?
  • Do I have to: (fill in appropriate ending) leave high school, stay in school, go to college, move out of the basement, work?
  • Seriously, is this really worth it?

Launching by definition means to takeoff, introduce or unveil all of which have a large element of vulnerability. This can be terrifying and certainly create many questions in the minds of those about to embark. Here’s the great thing…those questions are the path to finding answers.

In the launch program, you learn how to ask stronger more effective questions and develop strategies to determine the answers.

Know Yourself

You learn to courageously question yourself not to undermined confidence but to facilitate growth. What are my strengths? What do I value? What do I want?

Know Others

People are complicated, yet we are created for relationships. How do I deal with others better? How do I let people in? How do I set boundaries? What is my influence?

Know Action

Life comes at you fast. What do I have to decide now? How do I make the most of my time? How do I make a plan that works and work the plan?

Ask the right questions, get the right answers and launch your brilliance into the world.

Can’t wait to see you shine!